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Where did you meet each other? Arlene and I were set up on a blind date by my Uncle Jess and her friend, Ruth.  Our date was at Taisho in Sugar Land Town Center.

Who noticed whom first? It was a rainy night, she walked in and we caught each other’s eyes.

What was your first thoughts about her? “Wow, she looks great and innocent.”

What was your first thoughts about him? I can’t even remember now.

When did you know she’s the one? “No matter how mad she got me, I still love her”

How did he propose to you? Laying in bed, just relaxing and talking about how much white hair I got and how tired she was pulling them.  I was holding my tablet up, filled with white hair she pulled and placed the box on it.  Next time, she asked for the tablet to put the white hair on it, I held it up with the ring on it and said “Would you be my wife?”  She was shocked and speechless and said “yes.”

What do you love most about her? The way she hugs and kisses me.

What do you love most about him? When I always have a great time just being with him and laughing.

Were there any challenges y’all faced together? A lot – work in progress.

What makes a happy relationship? When we are tangled together, everything else disappears.