featured_imageengagements_photos_0027 engagements_photos_0028 engagements_photos_0029 engagements_photos_0030 engagements_photos_0031 engagements_photos_0032 engagements_photos_0033 engagements_photos_0035 engagements_photos_0036 engagements_photos_0037 engagements_photos_0038 engagements_photos_0039 engagements_photos_0040 engagements_photos_0041 engagements_photos_0042 engagements_photos_0044Where did you meet each other? We met on Facebook.
Who noticed whom first? Edwin wrote to me.
What was your first thoughts about her? MY first thoughts about Christal was my God she’s gorgeous my exact message said “Fastest accept ever, I think I’m in love.”
What was your first thoughts about him? I thought Edwin was a gentlemen.
When did you know she’s the one? I knew Christal was the one when I noticed how much her love for me grew everyday from the little things she did for me to simple way she would hold my hand and tell me “you’re my world”
How did he propose to you? He asked me to pick a date, took me to look at rings so he could get an idea of what I likes and he surprised me with my ring.
What do you love most about her? Her smile.
What do you love most about him? What I love about Edwin is the effort he always puts into making me smile.
Were there any challenges y’all faced together? Besides the fact that we are both alike in many ways, We haven’t had any serious challenges as of yet.
What makes a happy relationship? First and for most God must be the center of your relationship.  I believe what also makes a happy relationship is two people that want to be together, two people that go above and beyond to make sure the “spark” is still on fire. And most importantly two people that are willing to compromise.