Engagement Session Tips

It’s time to kickstart the planning process for your first session! Engagements are not only a fantastic opportunity to experience my unique approach to photography firsthand, but also a chance to have a truly memorable time filled with fun and love before your big day. As a first-time session, I understand that you might be wondering how to best coordinate everything.

What to wear

Don’t wear matching colors

When it comes to dressing you and your fiancée, coordination is key, but matching too closely is a no-go. Pick a general color tone and level or formality and then both dress to that look, without matching exact colors. If you choose to have a color in common, make sure it is subtle serves as a thread running through the photos, not the first thing you’ll see when you look at the images.

Solid colors or patterns

Generally speaking, avoid patterns that will distract the eye, especially stripes, which are often unflattering in photos.
That said, rules were made to be broken, so if you have a pattern in mind it could work out perfectly, I just suggest
carefully coordinating with your partner and making sure it won’t distract too much.

Confidence Is Key

The number one piece of advice I can give you in this engagement session style guide is to make sure you LOVE your engagement session outfit and that it makes you feel good. That confidence will radiate through your engagement photos and make you feel excited about being in front of the camera. Choose an outfit that is flattering and easy to wear so you aren’t pulling at it or feeling restricted. Engagement photos are all about movement and if you can’t move without worrying that your outfit will fall out of place, you won’t be able to relax. So pick something you love, but also something you feel comfortable and confident in!

Consider the formality of the location

Some locations are more formal than others and your outfits should reflect that. I always recommend dressing it up a notch from your every-day style, without going overboard. That said, an engagement session at Rice University calls for a fancier outfit than a casual session exploring McGovern Centennial Gardens.

Consider your “flow-factor”

I may have made this term up, but it’s one of the most important aspects of getting dreamy, ethereal photos. A long, flowy skirt or dress will allow the photos to document motion which is always a good thing.


This one is easy – if you have a fun hat, wear it! Awesome shoes or earrings, this is the time. Accessories add a fun detail to any shoot, and some can be taken on or off in different photos to mix things up.

Bring two looks

In a standard engagement session, you’ll have plenty of time for two locations and two different outfits. I highly recommend mixing it up halfway through the session – either with two different color outfits or one look that is formal and one less so. I don’t recommend ever going too casual, but you can take it up or down a notch for part of the session.

Leave bags behind

Lastly, be sure to keep your bags to a minimum. We need your arms free to hug each other and I need my hands free to take your photo, so extra bags are a pain to carry around and inhibit my ability to grab candids of you guys between photo locations (no one wants that candid shots ruined by a duffle bag or backpack!). If you want to being a change of clothes, keep it very consolidated or leave it in the car.

Have fun!

And, finally…while you may have concerns about selecting the perfect outfit or feeling a bit anxious about striking poses, worry not. We promise you an incredible experience, brimming with laughter and ensuring unforgettable memories!